Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Guest Post: The "Anonymous" Reviewer

A quasi-true tale of meeting your peer reviewers in real life, an anonymous guest post

Senin, 20 Mei 2013

The pros and cons of blogging about work

Nearly a year ago there was a number of blog posts I wanted to comment on, but this past year has been so hectic that I never got around to it. Until today!

It all started with blog posts about some problems the faculty blogger was having with a student and discussing two students and their ability to be successful in academia. Not long thereafter, another blogger commented, saying that one

Diversifying your research portfolio

Recently, I've had conversations with a number of graduate students who are not particularly enjoying science at the moment, and a lot of this seems to stem from either supervisor-related issues (see my previous posts about this issue here, here, and here) or from the despair that is common when a project that you invested a ton of time in just doesn't work out. This got me thinking about how

Reference letter season

It turns out, I love writing letters of recommendation. Although time consuming, it is such a positive experience. Not only are you doing so...